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  • My word for 2018: Patience

    Last year, my word for 2017 was vivacious. I wanted to LIVE. I had been sick for so long, I just wanted to paint the town red and make up for all the time I spent trying to heal this body. I can truly say I did live up to that word many times. However,… Keep reading

    My word for 2018: Patience
  • Benefits of drinking tea

    The smell of ginger and lemon always reminds me of my childhood. My other always made a fresh post of tea right before bed. It was a gentle and soothing way of saying the kitchen is closed and it’s now time for bed. 

    Benefits of drinking tea
  • Comfort in uncertainty

    During the summer, my work at #WeAllGrow Latina Network came to end. The company downsized and restructured and let go of most of its staff. Even though I had faith everything would work out in the end (even if it just felt like wishful thinking), I was worried about what was going to happen next.… Keep reading

    Comfort in uncertainty
  • Ageless living 101

    I’ve spent countless years setting up markers for myself that needed to be completed by a certain age. As though turning 30 or 40 was “it” and if I didn’t have it all figured out by then, I may as well just throw in the towel. I’m embarrassed to say that I was guilty of… Keep reading

    Ageless living 101
  • Healthy habits for a longer life

    Now that I’m over 40, my well-being and health is on my mind a lot more than it was when I was in my 20s and 30s. The biggest wake-up call was not being able to recover as quickly from all my TMJ symptoms. I had a similar flare-up in my early 30s but managed… Keep reading

    Healthy habits for a longer life
  • Benefits of burning sage

    I strongly believe in rituals and the power of cleansing your space in order to achieve higher vibrations. I was raised Catholic after all. As a child, the smell of burning incense in church was always so calming and soothing for me. The same goes for burning sage, which is something Native American have been doing… Keep reading

    Benefits of burning sage