• Spooniepreneur: Health over hustle

    As I write this, I'm on the couch with a terrible pain in my neck and TMJ joint. I recently went through something stressful, which caused the mother of all flare ups. Instead of immediately seeing it ... [Read More]

    Spooniepreneur: Health over hustle
  • Build your own dream

    In past relationships, I've been told that when it came to their work and success, I have always been beyond supportive. My mother said I have some sort of midas touch with others because salaries ... [Read More]

    Build your own dream
  • Simple ways to feel more empowered

    We all have self-doubts. We all do. I have a list of shoulda, coulda, wouldas, and I suffer from good old fashioned Catholic guilt (even when someone else is wrong, I've been guilty of taking the ... [Read More]

    Simple ways to feel more empowered
  • Ageless living 101

    I've spent countless years setting up markers for myself that needed to be completed by a certain age. As though turning 30 or 40 was "it" and if I didn't have it all figured out by then, I may as ... [Read More]

    Ageless living 101
  • Benefits of burning sage

    I strongly believe in rituals and the power of cleansing your space in order to achieve higher vibrations. I was raised Catholic after all. As a child, the smell of burning incense in church was ... [Read More]

    Benefits of burning sage